AI-Powered Marketing 6/3

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AI-Powered Marketing 6/3

6 mars
07:30 - 08:40

What does marketing look like in the Cognitive Era

With the ever-changing technology landscape in marketing, how as Marketers are we meant to keep up and what should we be prioritizing to ensure that we continue to remain competitive, build success and keep customer loyalty? During this breakfast seminar, our speakers will share their thoughts on the key current marketing trends and technologies, with an eye toward keeping you ahead of the shifts that are rapidly transforming the industry and reshaping customer demands.

In a cognitive business, data becomes digital intelligence baked into the marketing processes used every day. The cognitive technology helps the marketer understand and share insights and recommendations generated from all types and sources of data, fueling collaboration and scaling individual expertise so that everyone learns continuously.

Marketing solutions understand, reason, learn and Interact in context to serve up ever-smarter recommendations that help marketers create and precisely tune the entire customer experience to build highly valuable and enduring brand relationships. During this session we will dive into how cognitive works and share examples in practice.

Whom for?
The seminar is for you who work in a line position within marketing, digital marketing, e-commerce, Customer Experience and business development. The seminar is unfortunately not open for competitors to our partner.

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07.30 | Registration and breakfast
08.00 | Introduction Wednesday Relations
08.05 | Driving revenue growth and enhancing customer experience with AI & Cognitive, Karsten Stokking
08:40 | Questions and summary