Future of market research – celebrating failure 28/2

Karta Otillgänglig

Future of market research – celebrating failure 28/2

28 februari
14:00 - 15:00

Where to from here?

Over the course of the past and upcoming 12 months, ESOMAR is delighted to be hosting a series of discursive webinars with many of the leading thinkers and practitioners within our profession.

In its role as an industry thought leader – or challenger! – this webinar series tries to tease out what people believe must and will be the foundations of what our profession needs to become, and embrace.

Through a series of interviews and discussions with high-level stakeholders from within our industry and beyond, we hope to provide a lens to the future that will allow our global audience to directly.

Celebrating failure

…what?? Celebrate getting things wrong…I don’t think so!

Well, let’s look at this with an open mind – how can we succeed if we don’t fail? If we don’t have permission to fail, then how can learn and grow? So, what are the mistakes that have been made by agencies, clients, suppliers to the industry? What did they learn? How can we all learn from these mistakes so that we can succeed as an industry in 2017 and beyond?

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